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Long Lake

Author: Source: Updated:2019-04-13

Long Lake is located in Weize Village of Changhu Town 26 kilometers away from Stone Forest Scenic Area. It is embraced by mountains at an altitude of 1907 meters. With the shape like a slender girl, this is the hometown of Ashima in folktales. As the lake is hidden among green mountains with rare visitors, it is also called “Hidden Lake”.

Main scenic spots here are Dushi Mountain, Dajian Mountain, Erjian Mountain, Sanjian Mountain, Mopan Mountain, Penglai Island, and Round Lake, etc. with an area of 3.94 square kilometers, composing an entertainment and leisure resort for camping, vacation, recuperation, water sports, archery, and appreciation and participation in folk dance performances.

Long Lake is a lava lake with water supplied by groundwater. It is 5 kilometers in circumference and 300 meters in width with an average depth of 24 meters. The water is quite clear and pollution-free. The surrounding mountains are well forested with plant coverage of over 95%, having fresh, clean, and clear air. There are small islands in the lake and forests of mainly Pinus yunnanensis on the bank with flat terrain, dividing it into small lakes with tranquility and beauty. 

Visitors may enjoy boating, fishing, mountain climbing, archery, picnic, and picking flowers and fruits. With a tent, you may stay in the open air by the lake to appreciate moonlight and water, boat with friends, drink for entertainment like Su Shi visiting Red Cliff in the evening; at a torch party, you can sing and dance to relax yourself, feeling reluctant to leave. For a boy and a girl, there couldn’t be anything better than dating here.

According to legend, this is the place where Ashima washed her face and did the laundry.

Every June 24 of the lunar calendar, Sani people celebrate the Torch Festival at Long Lake, making it a sea of songs, flowers, and people presenting wrestling, bullfighting, and Dasanxian dance.

Round lake is 2 kilometers to the south of Long Lake. With roadway access available, this small lake also has favorable water quality and green mountains around.

Dushi Mountain, in Weize Village, is steep and dangerous. During Xianfeng era of the Qing Dynasty, Zhao Fa, leader of Yi ethnic army, settled his troop here for years. Now there exist housing relics, stone well, stone prison, and stone wall, etc., and the stone arced door still stands so far. During visit in 1938, Wu Han wrote a poem here, which was later carved on the top of cliff.

Long Lake is open for visit all year round with different views in different seasons.

Admission fee: RMB 10 per person, electric cart fee: RMB 10 per person (round trip from the entrance to lakeside), bamboo raft rent: RMB 30 an hour.

Tents are divided into three kinds: big, medium, small. RMB 20 per person per night. With plank frame as bottom, tents are flat and moisture-proof with sleeping bags and mats as well. A big tent can cater 3 to 4 people.

There are small shops and restaurants with vegetables and fresh fish. Diversified barbecue is also available. In addition, communication is convenient and phone calls can be made directly nationwide.

If time is sufficient, visitors are recommended to visit Stone Forest Scenic Area first and take a bus to Long Lake in the afternoon, stay for a night to appreciate boating and torch party in the evening, and return at noon the next day.

Medicated oil and similar medication can be prepared to prevent mosquito bites.

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