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Stone forest scenic spot
“Stone Forest has peaks with height of over a hundred meters, only entered by climbing. Strange stones are everywhere like troop, architecture, or road network. Black stones all have different shapes and styles.
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Naigu Stone Forest, also known as Heisongyan, is located 8 kilometers north of the main Stone Forest area. It is a model exhibition place of karst world heritage in the south.
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Long Lake is located in Weize Village of Changhu Town 26 kilometers away from Stone Forest Scenic Area. It is embraced by mountains at an altitude of 1907 meters.
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Dadieshui (Feilong Waterfall) Scenic Area is located at 18 kilometers southwest of Shilin County and 27 kilometers from the Major and Minor Stone Forests. It is in the territory of Banqiao Town with direct highway from Stone Forest Scenic Spot, and there are also tourist buses with approximately two-hour round trip to serve visitors.
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Gui Mountain, located in Shilin County, was first named as Old Turtle Mountain because of its special shape like a turtle's back and then renamed as "Laogui Mountain" for the same pronunciation.
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Shilin Karst Geological Research Museum is located at the main entrance of Stone Forest Scenic Area - “World Natural Heritage”, “World Geopark” and the national AAAAA level scenic spot with stone cliffs and wonders surrounded by mountains and waters.
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