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Naigu Stone Forest

Author: Source: Updated:2019-04-12

Naigu Stone Forest, also known as Heisongyan, is located 8 kilometers north of the main Stone Forest area. It is a model exhibition place of karst world heritage in the south.

According to Luliang Local Records in Kangxi era of Qing Dynasty, “40 li to the west of Shimen Peak is the place named Shimenshao”. This place was originally called Shimen. It is named Heisongyan (black pine rock) as its overview looks like black pine forest; and as “black” in local Yi language is pronounced “naigu”, this place is also called Naigu Stone Forest.

Naigu Stone Forest (Heisongyan) covers about 10 square kilometers with high-grade highway directly connected to Naigu Stone Forest east area from Shilin - it is about 5 kilometers away from Shilin Railway Station. Stones here mostly present shapes like castle, tower, and mushroom. For stone pillars, some look like blade and sword like those in Stone Forest while many others have sharp-top. They split from each other at the upper end but connect at the bottom, forming stone wall, city and array. Stone peaks hare are black, presenting a completely different style compared with those gray ones in Stone Forest Scenic Area. And this place is also broader, showing unique desolation, roughness and ancient pattern and giving people a sense of returning to nature. Baiyun Lake is at the entrance with tranquil surface like a mirror.

The scenic spot consists of stone forest landscape, Baiyun Lake, Shifeng Mountain, and Yougu Waterfall that are generally divided into east, west, and north zones. The total length of paved paths is over 6 kilometers through west and east zones. And there are 96 named scenic spots.

Main scenic spots in east zone include: Liang and Zhu's meeting, Union, Overview from peak, Ancient battlefield, Remarkable, Swan love, Pigsy carrying wife, Forest from one stone, Buddha hand, Blades, Peacock spreading tail, Basin, and Two lions, etc. Recommended visiting time is 2 to 3 hours.

19 Main scenic spots in west zone include: Staying together, Baxian pavilion, Ancient Buddha, Dragon and tiger, Laojun pot, Nantian pathway, Ancient tower, Ornamental column, and Reign behind the curtain, etc. Recommended visiting time is 1 to 2 hours. Surrounded by fields, the west zone is broad and bright with idyllic style.

North zone has not been completely developed yet, and now there are only narrow paths available. There are high and steep rocks and clints scattered. During visit, it is the best to wear tight denim clothes and slip-resistant sneakers. You need to walk through bushes and grasses often, and rock climbing is required as well. This zone is the best place for strong and adventurous visitors who will enjoy conquering nature and climbing high.

Visiting Naigu Stone Forest can be summarized as: overview from peak, stroll on ground.

Overview from peak means to take a high overview from “Overview from peak” in east zone to see the overall scene of Naigu Stone Forest and surrounding villages, enjoying its wildness and magnificence.

Stroll on ground means to walk through the stones.

Recommended time for visiting here fully (including the north zone) is 5 to 6 hours. There are facilities at the entrance of the east zone serving visitors, who can also prepare food and drink themselves.

Shilin Tourism Administration Bureau has established infrastructure facilities including tourist service center in the front of the scenic area to meet their needs, greatly facilitating mass visitors.

Admission fee for Naigu Stone Forest: RMB 60, half price for students. Moreover, Yunnan locals aged 60 and above can enter free of charge with their ID card and senior citizen ID. Non-Yunnan local visitors aged 70 and above can enter free of charge with relevant ID.

Public transportation: follow the sign at the exit of Shilin Toll Station of Kunming-Shilin Highway.

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