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Dadieshui (Suspended)

Author: Source: Updated:2019-04-12

Dadieshui (Feilong Waterfall) Scenic Area is located at 18 kilometers southwest of Shilin County and 27 kilometers from the Major and Minor Stone Forests. It is in the territory of Banqiao Town with direct highway from Stone Forest Scenic Spot, and there are also tourist buses with approximately two-hour round trip to serve visitors. Dadieshui Scenic Area includes scenic spots like Dadieshui, Xiaodieshui, Xianrendong Cave, Dove Garden, Half Waterfall Park, and Qingshui River.

Xiaodieshui Waterfall falls over 20 meters and is about 10 meters wide. Water falls in the pool causing spindrift, and inside the pool there is a “giant fish stone”.

Booming water can be heard and the road seems to tremble slightly about 1.5 kilometers west from Xiaodieshui Waterfall. Bajiang River jumps from a sheer cliff. And the watercourse breaks and forms a waterfall. This waterfall falls over 90 meters, which is 18 meters higher than Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou; and its width in rainy season can exceed 60 meters. It is the largest waterfall in Yunnan Province and the first waterfall in the Pearl River. Grand and magnificent, the waterfall looks like falling clouds with mist reflecting a rainbow under sunlight.

To enjoy the full view of Dadieshui, round-trip cable car is recommended for comfort, safety and convenience. Cable car fee is 10 RMB for one way and 20 RMB for round trip. Visitors can also go up and down along with the stone steps along the mountain. Hundreds of steps winding between cliffs present different fun. The best places to appreciate this waterfall also include Half Waterfall Park halfway up the hillside where visitors can approach the waterfall, observe its upper and side, and feel the power and beauty of the waterfall.

Qingshui River is a small alley near the waterfall with the depth of about 3 kilometers and a pass winding in, having clear water flows between rocks. Narrow hills and green trees contribute to quiet and cool environment.

Xianrendong Cave is halfway up the hillside of Dadieshui. It is more than 100 meters long, 6 to 10 meters wide, and 10 to 20 meters high. This cave has a big natural hall as well as sediments including stalagmites, tooth-shaped stone, and curtain-shaped stone, etc.

Dadieshui Scenic Area has complete service facilities with restaurants and small shops. To facilitate visitors, the cave star hotel on the waterfall cliff has been completed, providing high-grade services. Its unique design and construction shows perfect integration with nature, providing leisure by leaning to wooden railings, enjoying beautiful scenery, taking a bird's eye view of the cliff beneath, watching the mist caused by waterfall, and listening attentively to the water.

Dadieshui Waterfall is open all day with the fare of 18 RMB.

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